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Valerie June on World Cafe

Wednesday June 9th at 6pm
Valerie June says her songs are “little seeds to help keep people’s dreams alive.” Sound magical? It sort of is. Hear more about her latest album, The Moon and Stars: Prescriptions for Dreamers, and learn what inspired her first book of poetry, which also came out this year, on the next World Cafe.

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Decade of Difference: Dr. Dog

It is not often that musical collaborations started in middle school amount to much of anything, but in the case of Philadelphia’s Dr. Dog that is just what happened. Scott McMicken and Toby Leaman began playing music together in eight grade and from the start preferred performing their own original songs versus covering others. There are quirky aspects of the band that go directly back to that time – like all of the band members having nicknames that begin with “T”.

By the early 2000s the pair were active in several music projects while also spending time on Dr. Dog, but by 2005 it was mostly all Dr. Dog, with the band completing their first US tour. Dr. Dog made heavy use of the internet to promote themselves. In 2007 they released an album’s worth of material online for free, placing one song a week on their website for download throughout the summer. This and several late night TV appearances through the early 2000s helped build the band’s popularity.

Now with ten studio albums and fifteen years of touring under their belts, Dr. Dog has made an announcement that surprised their fans in different ways. Earlier this year the band announced that their 2021 tour would be their last – that Dr. Dog would be retiring from touring. At the same time the band said that this was not an end for the group, but that whatever they were going to do going forward was just not going to include touring.

Fans in the Commonwealth will get the first opportunity to see Dr. Dog on their last tour when the band plays as part of Goose’s FRED Festival at LOCK’N Farm on August 20-22.

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Decade of Difference: Fleet Foxes

A high school friendship in Seattle between Robin Pecknold and Skyler Skjelset grew over a shared appreciation for the music of Bob Dylan and Neil Young and eventually resulted in the formation of Fleet Foxes in 2006. With a sound that drew heavily on late 60s pop and British folk, the band gained popularity through word of mouth, and had success with music streamed from their MySpace account.

By 2008, the band had undergone some lineup changes, and also released their first EP and LP to positive critical reviews.. The album sold reasonably well in the US, but even better in Europe and their tour dates there and in Australia were typically sold out. Billboard named the album their Critic’s Choice album of the year for 2008.

Fleet Foxes followed the 2008 album with a Grammy nominee in 2011’s Helplessness Blues. Following the tour supporting the album drummer Josh Tillman left the band for his own solo career as Father John Misty. Robin Pecknold moved to New York and enrolled at Columbia University while also touring in his own. The other band members took on their own side projects, and it was six years before another Fleet Foxes album appeared.

No such hiatus occurred before the bands most recent release Shore, but the process was quite different. Pecknold recorded the album without the help of the remaining band members, using musicians at several studios around the world.

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Community Connection: OASIS Fine Art & Craft

OASIS Fine Art and Craft is a cooperative of about 3 dozen local artisans in Harrisonburg. They’re in their 21st year in the same spot: at the corner of Main and Water Streets.

OASIS was created so that artisans would have a local place to exhibit and sell their work. Their mission also includes mentoring new artisans, as well as community outreach.

They welcome you to join them for their special upcoming show. They were given 42 guitars by Yamaha, with the stipulation that the guitars could not be sold as musical instruments. So, they’re repurposing the guitars, which will be exhibited and sold later this summer. All proceeds will go to the Harrisonburg Music Teachers Association. Their goal is to provide 25 families with a musical instrument and six-months of instruction.

You can learn more at their website.

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Community Connection: Second Home Learning Center

Second Home Learning Center is a nonprofit, community-supported child care facility serving school-aged kids in Harrisonburg City.
They are proud to present their 5th annual musical, The Lion King Jr., June 24-27th at Back Home on the Farm outdoor stage.
For more information, you can go to their website, or visit their Facebook.

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Decade of Difference: New Order

Rising from the remains of the UK post-punk band Joy Division, New Order successfully embraced music from the underground club culture years before it’s mainstream acceptance.

When Joy Divisions’ vocalist Ian Curtis hung himself in 1980, the remaining members immediately disbanded. Soon they reformed with the addition of keyboardist Gillian Gilbert to form New Order and released their first music in 1981. Their first material was originally written for Joy Division but it was not long before they were drawing on influences from the New York club scene and Germany’s electronic band Kraftwerk to create their own synthesizer driven sound. In the UK they had their first hit in 1983 with Blue Monday.

Their success in Europe was enough to draw the attention of Quincy Jones who signed the band to his record label. It took until 1985 for the band to break through in the US with the top 40 single True Faith.

New Order took advantage of the dance music craze in the late 80s – a trend that they predated with their early 80s albums. In 1990 the group recorded the theme song for England’s World Cup team. World in Motion was the band’s only number one hit.

The band was on again, off again through the 90s as members focused on side projects. In 2001 they released a new album with a different guitar driven sound. Since then the band has been together for performing or recording new music only occasionally. Most recently they released a single in 2020 and a live album and film this year of their 2018 London show.

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Samantha Crain on World Cafe

Monday June 7th at 6pm

Samantha Crain was in a series of car accidents that initially left her without the use of her hands. She couldn’t even pick up her guitar. But she overcame that adversity to release a new album and EP. Crain joins host Stephen Kallao to talk about how her experience led to some of the best work she’s ever done, on the next World Cafe.

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Fresh Roots, New Blues Playlist – 06/5/21

Air Date:        6/5/21, Saturday    6-8 PM

Set 1

  • Travelin’ Blue Kings – Too Many People     (single)           (Naked)
  • Shemekia Copeland & Kenny Wayne Shepherd – Hit ‘Em Back    (single)           (Provogue)
  • Kelly’s Lot – Heaven              (Where And When)               (Self)

Set 2

BLAST SET 1 – Roger Hawkins

  • Song excerpts from Percy Sledge, Wilson Pickett, Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Clarence Carter, The Staple Singers, Mel & Tim, Paul Simon, Bob Seger & Boz Scaggs.

Set 3

BLAST SET 2 – James Harman

  • Cards On The Table   (Cards On The Table)            (Black Top)    2006
  • Crazy Mixed Up World          (Remembering Little Walter)          (Blind Pig)      2013
  • Fineprint        (Fineprint)     (Electro-Fi)    2018
  • The Clock Is Ticking              (Bonetime)    (Electro-Fi)    2015

Set 4

  • Chris Cain – Born To Play     (Raisin’ Cain)             (Alligator)
  • E.G. Kight – Burned   (The Trio Session)     (Blue South)
  • The Bush League – High Water Everywhere          (Here We Are…Again)          (Self)
  • AJ Fullerton – The Forgiver & The Runaway          (The Forgiver & The Runaway)       (VizzTone)

Set 5

  • The Greg Sharrod Music Company – Cake (Angel Food)   (Do You Feel It?)       (Self)
  • Chris Gill – Song For Honeyboy       (Between Midnight And Louise)      (Self)
  • Adam Schultz – Cure For The Blues            (Soulful Distancing)  (Blue Heart)
  • The B. Christopher Band – Our Pets’ Heads Are Falling Off / That Rabbit Is Dynamite (Surfing With A Vintage Lady)         (Guitar One)

Set 6

  • Patti Parks – I’m Trouble      (Whole Nother World)         (VizzTone)
  • Gerald McClendon – If It Ain’t The Blues    (Let’s Have A Party)              (Delta Roots)
  • Cedric Burnside – The World Can Be So Cold         (I Be Trying)  (Rough Trade)
  • Steve Cropper – Fire It Up    (Fire It Up)     (Provogue)
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Country Feedback Playlist for June 6 2021

Artist – Album – Title – Release Year
Bill and The Belles – Happy Again – That’ll Be Just Fine – 2021
Robbie Fulks and Linda Gail Lewis – Wild! Wild! Wild! – I Just Lived A Country Song – 2018
Charlie Marie – Ramble On – Heard It Through the Red Wine – 2021
Justin Trevino – The Scene of The Crying – You’ll Never Get a Better Chance than this – 2012
Sturgill Simpson – Metamodern Sounds in Country Music – A Little Light – 2014
The Kody Norris Show – All Suited Up – Ole’ Carolina – 2021
The Barlow – Horseshoe Lounge – Homesick Gypsy – 2021
The Outlaws – Hurry Sundown – Hurry Sundown – 1977
Old 97s – Fight Songs – Lonely Holiday – 1999
Hoyt Axton – Life Machine – Boney Fingers – 1974
The Tin Cans – Back for More – Sound of the Highway – 2021
Mark Collie – Book of My Blues – Book of My Blues – 2021
Willie Nelson – That’s Life – You Make Me Feel So Young – 2020
Sara Petite – Rare Bird – Rare Bird – 2021
The Gourds – Blood of the Ram – Arapaho – 2004

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Phish Phriday 6/4

This week Tad is warming up for our Grateful Dead marathon by taking us to the show when Phish covered the Dead with Bob Weir at the Ascend Ampitheater Nashville,TN. It’s Phish Phriday brought to you by Surfside Sustainable Seafood.

Ascend Ampitheater Nashville,TN 10/18/16

SET 1: Chalk Dust Torture, Blaze On, Ghost, Lawn Boy, Halley’s Comet > Sand, Tide Turns, 46 Days > Breath and Burning, Limb By Limb[1] > Cavern > Also Sprach Zarathustra / SET 2: Julius > Fuego > My Friend, My Friend, Samson and Delilah[2], Twist[3] > Miss You[4], West L.A. Fadeaway[4] > Playing in the Band[5]

ENCORE: Quinn the Eskimo[3] [1] Lyrics changed to “Left is how we felt the Bern.”[2] Phish debut; Bob Weir on guitar and vocals.[3] Bob Weir on guitar.[4] Bob Weir on guitar and vocals.[5] Phish debut; Bob Weir on guitar.

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