This week Tad is warming up for our Grateful Dead marathon by taking us to the show when Phish covered the Dead with Bob Weir at the Ascend Ampitheater Nashville,TN. It’s Phish Phriday brought to you by Surfside Sustainable Seafood.

SET 1: Chalk Dust Torture, Blaze On, Ghost, Lawn Boy, Halley’s Comet > Sand, Tide Turns, 46 Days > Breath and Burning, Limb By Limb[1] > Cavern > Also Sprach Zarathustra / SET 2: Julius > Fuego > My Friend, My Friend, Samson and Delilah[2], Twist[3] > Miss You[4], West L.A. Fadeaway[4] > Playing in the Band[5]

ENCORE: Quinn the Eskimo[3] [1] Lyrics changed to “Left is how we felt the Bern.”[2] Phish debut; Bob Weir on guitar and vocals.[3] Bob Weir on guitar.[4] Bob Weir on guitar and vocals.[5] Phish debut; Bob Weir on guitar.