Made up of medical professionals, student volunteers, and fitness instructors, LiftPD is a nonprofit organization in Richmond that offers free, small-group exercise classes for those living with Parkinson’s Disease. What started as a unique concept funded by a Parkinson’s Foundation Community Grant has now served over 70 individuals living with Parkinson’s (or other forms of Parkinsonism) over the past year, with the help of over 90 volunteers from local VCU professional programs.

The program uses high intensity disease-specific exercise training to help participants maintain and improve strength, balance, and mobility. By focusing on the repetition of workouts that target each person’s specific needs, LiftPD helps slow disease progression, and in some cases, even regain previously lost function.

We spoke with VCU physical therapist, and one of the founding members of LiftPD, Bobby Hand, for this Hear Together profile. You can listen at the audio link below and learn more about LiftPD on their website.