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Desiré Moses chats with Devon Gilfillian and Illiterate Light about food, pandemic lifestyles, and how their collaborative single “Freedom” took shape in this wide ranging Home Studio Session. Plus, the trio teams up to share an exclusive acoustic version of “Freedom” and Illiterate Light revisits an early NRN favorite (videos below)

The trio met for the first time backstage at the Newport Folk Festival, an event known for great backstage provisions including an oyster bar which they found themselves gathered around. They hit it off and a camaraderie continued to grow while touring the same circuit in support of larger artists, until eventually they were sharing a tour of their own scheduled for the spring of 2020. When the dates were cancelled they decided to continue pursing a collaboration and began sharing songs online.

Devon Gilfillian x Illiterate Light “Freedom” (Live):

When it came to recording “Freedom”, Jeff Gorman talked about the song’s Virginia roots, “A big chunk of the song was tracked at Montrose Studio in Richmond … We had the keys part and this really groovy synth bass that felt fun and dance-y … it was something that we really dug but we weren’t sure if it was really an Illiterate Light thing.”

When they included it in a folder of ideas, Gilfillian said he “as soon as I heard “Freedom” I knew it was the one.” With his parts tracked from home in Nashville, TN the song was finalized almost a year after the initial idea began to take shape.

Illiterate Light “In The Ground” (Live):