After a few false starts, Swindons’ XTC emerged from the UK punk scene to become of of the smartest and most enduring pop bands of the 70s and 80s. Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding met in the early 70s but it was not till 1975 that they settled into the group known as XTC.

It took the band a few years to gain traction, but from 1979 through 1992 the group had 10 albums and 6 singles chart in the UK top 40. While not as popular in the US, XTC did place several songs on the charts, especially in the late 80s.

Unfortunately, a series of management missteps left XTC in debt and with little earnings from their record sales and tours.

Andy Partridge suffered from mental health issues that ultimately forced the band to retire from live performances in 1992. Partridges’ erratic behavior resulted in shows being stopped when he abruptly left the stage and finally, the cancellation of a sold out Hollywood Bowl show due to his inability to perform. Rumors swirled that Partridge had died, which was not the case.

The creative partnership between Partridge and Colin Moulding deteriorated over the years and XTC shifted from being a band to a brand, with each releasing separate material. In 2008 Partridge announced that he felt the creative work with Moulding had come to an end.

From a historical perspective, XTC has gained much credit for their musical influence and has elevated their status as a post punk leader. Never satisfied with the simple music from that era, XTC was one of only two bands to emerge from the UK scene with a keyboardist.