Formed by Notre Dame students, Umphrey’s McGee fuse various musical genres into a jam band mix. Originally a quartet, the band released their first record in 1998, the optimistically named Greatest Hits Vol. 3. By 2000 the group had grown to six members and expanded their musical catalog with more originals replacing the covers that had been a big part of their shows.

After moving to Chicago, Umphrey’s McGee expanded their touring range to include more of the midwest and occasionally appearing with a diverse set of guest artists including Bela Fleck and bluesman Sugar Blue.

The band has nurtured an enthusiastic fan base through some innovative schemes. They set up programs offering live recordings to fans immediately after their shows and instituted a unique Hall of Fame series in which fans vote on the best performances of the year to be released on an annual live compilation.

Starting in 2008, the band began hosting a Halloween mashup show where they arranged a new composition consisting of 2 or 3 songs and including originals and covers. They eventually released an album of these unique mixes called Zonkey.

In 2010 the band initiated the UMBowl, a show consisting of 4 ‘quarters’ – two selected through a vote by ticket purchasers and the other two created from interactive submissions during the show.