Travis came out of Scotland in 1990 but took until 1997 to release their first album, building momentum with the following release The Man Who which came in 1999 and by 2003 had sold over 9 million records.

Brothers Chris and Geoff Martyn formed the core of the band and after bouncing around with a few different lineups and names, Travis finally came together. Initially the band was not very good musically, but had good material. American producer Niko Bolas heard them on Radio Scotland and took an interest, helping the band improve their sound. By the time the band released their 1997 album, the brothers were gone from the band leaving Fran Healy as the leader.

An accident involving Travis’s drummer in 2002 almost ended the band. Neil Primrose suffered a serious spinal injury, but did finally recover. After a gap of four years, the band returned to regularly releasing albums in 2007. Last year’s 10 Songs is their ninth album, and the first since 2003 to feature Fran Healy as the primary songwriter.