Sir Tom Jones began his career with a string of top 10 hits in the mid 60’s, eventually selling over 100 million records. A musical shape shifter, Jones has sung almost every form of popular music. Choosing a full throated robust style over nuance, Jones is best described as maintaining a swaggering presence in the songs he records.

After recording a string of pop hits in the 60s, Jones followed with readings of country classics, then moved on to becoming a Las Vegas favorite.

Tom Jones began his career in Wales in 1963 with a beat group. After recording some solo tracks, Jones was recruited for a solo career starting in 1964. Initially he paired his strong vocals with over-the-top orchestration and later, repackaged himself into a more mature crooner style.

Always adventurous, Jones has covered everyone from Billy Joe Shaver to the Milk Carton Kids to Radiohead. In 1988 Jones surprised many with a cover Of Prince’s Kiss recorded with the Art of Noise. This led to a new tour, his first in several years and a return to playing clubs which continued for several years.

Tom Jones took a five year break from recording after the passing of his wife of 59 years, but returned this year with a new record. Amongst the tracks is Bobby Cole’s 1967 ballad “I’m Growing Old” — the jazz singer had given it to Jones in 1972. Jones loved the song but felt he was too young to record it. He promised the composer he would cut it when he reached 80.