After more than four decades playing approximately 200 shows per year, Robert Earl Keen announced that this current tour would be his last.

Growing up in Houston, Keen studied English at Texas A&M, where he crossed paths with Lyle Lovett. Keen’s Front Porch Song chronicles the pair’s habit of playing and singing in College Station.The 80s and 90s saw Keen cultivate a large cult following inspired by his raucous live shows and the literary quality of his songs.

The Road Goes On Forever from his second album, 1989’s West Textures remains a fan favorite. You can expect fans to drown out Keen singing along with that one.

Robert Earl Keen has been married for 36 years and has two adult daughters. He does not identify any health or other issues that have made him move on to retirement. He does say that it has been a consideration since 2010, when he started to notice that life on the road was getting harder and harder. For a change of pace he recorded a bluegrass album in 2015 and the positive reaction to the record re-energized his live shows.

In retirement Keen plans to focus on making short films in a studio he has outfitted in Medina, Texas and work with young songwriters, sharing the lessons he has learned over his long career. As for live performances, Keen says that he is not interested in working for money or being the star attraction – but he does not rule out the occasional cameo performance.