Pierre Bensusan is a French Algerian guitarist best known for his work done in the alternative guitar tuning style known as DADGAD. British fold guitarist Davey Graham first popularized this style after hearing a Moroccan oud, a short necked lute type instrument, and it has been adopted successfully into Celtic music. Bensusan has applied this tuning to a wide variety of folk and world music over his career spanning six decades.

Born in French Algeria during the Algerian War of Independence, Bensusan and his family moved to Paris where he studied classical piano starting at seven years old.At eleven he began teaching himself guitar and when he was seventeen he released his first record. The recording win the Grand Prize at the Montreux Festival.

Pierre Bensusan has broadened the application of DADGAD tuning by incorporating electronics into his guitar work. He often accompanies the music with scat vocals, both planned and improvised. Bensusan says that he prefers the tuning for its ‘romantic’ and ‘mystical’ qualities which make him feel as if he has gone back into the 16th or 17th century.

Described by the L.A. Times as “one of the most unique and brilliant acoustic guitar veterans in the world music scene today”, Pierre’s name became synonymous with contemporary acoustic guitar genius, long before the terms New Age, New Acoustic Music or World Music were invented. He has the ability to make a single guitar sound like an entire band as he brings the audience on a mesmerizing musical journey.