Songwriter Mathew Houck began performing as Phosphorescent in 2001 touring and recording throughout the decade while organically building his audience. This culminated in 2013s Muchacho which sold better than all of his previous releases and included music licensed for multiple movies around the world.

Phosphorescent was not Houcks first musical alias. He initially played under the name Fillup Shack but after switching to Phosphorescent his hard work and touring paid off in that 2013 album. Unfortunately it also resulted in exhaustion, the loss of a relationship and signaled to Houck that the lifestyle he was building was not sustainable, long term.

Phosphorescent went on a five year recording hiatus after 2013s Muchacho, while Houck reorganized his life. He married and fathered two children, moved from Brooklyn to Nashville and built himself a new recording studio.

Phosphorescent released C’est La Vie in 2018 and although Houck said there were stretches as long as four months where did not pick up a guitar, he feels he was working on the new album for the whole five years.

Part of that process was building his studio, after which he discovered that he still had his broken four track recorder from 20 plus years ago. With his new electronics knowledge he fixed it and played the tape of his work still in the recorder from back then. While he found it to be terrible, unbelievably bad, he could remember even then being absolutely certain that music would be the one constant in his life.