Rising from the remains of the UK post-punk band Joy Division, New Order successfully embraced music from the underground club culture years before it’s mainstream acceptance.

When Joy Divisions’ vocalist Ian Curtis hung himself in 1980, the remaining members immediately disbanded. Soon they reformed with the addition of keyboardist Gillian Gilbert to form New Order and released their first music in 1981. Their first material was originally written for Joy Division but it was not long before they were drawing on influences from the New York club scene and Germany’s electronic band Kraftwerk to create their own synthesizer driven sound. In the UK they had their first hit in 1983 with Blue Monday.

Their success in Europe was enough to draw the attention of Quincy Jones who signed the band to his record label. It took until 1985 for the band to break through in the US with the top 40 single True Faith.

New Order took advantage of the dance music craze in the late 80s – a trend that they predated with their early 80s albums. In 1990 the group recorded the theme song for England’s World Cup team. World in Motion was the band’s only number one hit.

The band was on again, off again through the 90s as members focused on side projects. In 2001 they released a new album with a different guitar driven sound. Since then the band has been together for performing or recording new music only occasionally. Most recently they released a single in 2020 and a live album and film this year of their 2018 London show.