Alan Palomo began composing and performing as a high schooler in San Antonio before moving to Denton to enroll at the University of North Texas. It was there he teamed with long time friend Alicia Scardetta to form Neon Indian as a multimedia project since Scardetta was a video artist.

They paired on a single Neon Indian album, 2009s Psychic Chasms. The album drew critical praise and was seen as a pioneer in the new but short lived style of music referred to as chillwave. For the second album, Palomo moved to Finland to record Era Extrana.

Neon Indian incorporated more elements of new wave and reggae into his music, moving the act from chillwave to electronic dance music. After releasing a third album – this time under the name VEGA – in 2014, Palomo had his laptop full of new music stolen. It led him to focus on other work including remixes for other artists, film scores and collaborations including some work with the Flaming Lips.

After five years, Neon Indian released a new single in 2019 and a following album is reportedly in the works.