Mike Doughty is best known as the driving force behind the popular 90’s band Soul Coughing, but his solo career has produced 21 albums in 22 years and he is a successful author with multiple books published.

An Army brat, Doughty grew up moving around Army bases, spending his teenage years living on grounds at West Point. While working as a doorman at the New York club The Knitting Factory, Doughty formed Soul Coughing and the group released three successful albums before the pressures of band life led him to break up the group in 2000.

After Soul Coughing shows, Doughty would remain on stage and sell copies of his solo acoustic record Skittish for a total of 20,000 copies. The album had been recorded in 1996, but was rejected by his record label. Skittish helped Doughty develop a following independent of Soul Coughing.

After the Soul Coughing breakup and resolving his substance abuse issues, Doughty focused fully on his solo career, His first album to use a full band Haughty Melodic was heard in demo form by Dave Matthews who signed Doughty to his ATO records. Later albums have appeared using a variety of sales and funding models, including crowd funding and a subscription model.

Doughty has recently returned to playing his Soul Coughing material, which for years he had avoided. Earlier this year he and former Soul Coughing bandmate Sebastian Steinberg performed together onstage in LA for the first time in 22 years. The full band has not played together since their split in 2000.