Madeleine Peyroux is known for her reinterpretation of classic jazz, blues and folk songs. Her initial album, 1996’s Dreamland demonstrated this using a group of seasoned jazz performers and song list of classics. Growing up the daughter of hippies in Athens, Georgia, Peyroux began performing as a busker on the streets of Paris after she and her mother moved there when she was 13 and for several years toured Europe with the Wandering Blues and Jazz Band covering jazz standards.

It took eight years for Peyroux to complete her second album with Careless Love appearing in 2004. Although it also was an album primarily featuring covers, it was a more contemporary and diverse set. The album was certified Gold in several countries including the United States.

After another well received album of covers reached the Billboard charts in 2006, Madeleine Peyroux further developed her sound with a 2009 album of original material. It was a creative gamble that paid off with the album debuting at number one on the jazz charts.

Since then Peyroux has managed to broaden her sound while remaining true to her musical roots, sticking primarily to material from iconic musicians she has treasured through the years like Bob Dylan, Tom Waits and Carole King.

‘I am a singer first, and always have been,’ she says. ‘So lyrics are incredibly important to the way that I approach any song. Therefore, I cannot deny that my songwriting heroes are the great lyricists.