First conceived as a songwriting project by Zach Williams after a horseback riding accident left him with temporary paralysis, Williams turned his journaling experience into songs accompanied by guitar, after he learned how to play it.

Along with two friends, he formed Zack Williams and the Bellow and began performing in 2011. By the release of their first album the group had shortened their name to the Lone Bellow. Their debut self-titled album made 10 different best of lists for 2013.

The Lone Bellow built a devoted following through their five albums and an energetic live show. Unusual for what is primarily a folk act  – their shows are intense. One reviewer described the group on stage as always featuring at least one of the band mates singing so hard it looked like they were running a marathon.

On their latest album, this year’s Love Songs for Losers the band has taken the concept of a song about a loser to another level. The band convened for eight weeks in the former home of Roy Orbison which is rumored to be haunted, to write songs about love and loss, life and death and how we are all doomed to die. While most of the songs follow the title and refer to lovers, Gold does not. The main character is an addict who “puts his paycheck in his arm”.