Like yesterday’s Decade of Difference artist TV on the Radio, LCD Soundsystem came out of the Brooklyn music scene. James Murphy had already played in two bands in the indie rock scene in the 90s before giving up what would have been a lucrative gig as a writer on the TV show Seinfeld to focus on music. He built his own studio and worked as an engineer and producer and met Tim Goldsworthy.

Together they released some critically praised singles in 2002 through 2004 before recording their first full length album in 2005. Building on their success the pairs’ DFA record label had many popular remixes and LCD Soundsystem was commissioned by Nike to record a lengthy composition intended as music for joggers, eventually released as the album 45:33.

After three studio albums, LCD Soundsystem announced that the band was shutting down with a final show in New York. When that show quickly sold out, they added five ‘warmup’ final shows before the previously scheduled date.

By 2015 rumors circulated that the band would return with new music, a rumor that they quickly denied – only to later reveal that the denial was intended to divert attention from the actual plan to release new music. Finally in 2016 they did return to headline both the Coachella and Lollapalooza festivals. The reunited band won a Grammy in 2018 for best dance recording.