Hamilton Leithauser remembers the most boring job he ever had – security guard at the Guggenheim museum during countless three hour shifts, the most effort he put forth was to occasionally tell a person to stay back from a painting. After a while, it led him to think critically about music, and eventually he was able to compose his first handful of songs during those times.

After starting in the DC area band the Recoys, Leithauser joined with friends from another band to form the Walkmen in 2000. Locating the new band in New York, they constructed a rehearsal space and eager to distance themselves from their previous garage rock sounds, released a first EP filled with piano and vintage instruments.

After seven albums, the band went on an indefinite hiatus in 2014.

Hamilton Leithauser launched his solo career in 2014 after the breakup of the Walkmen. Collecting a crack team of supporting musicians from Vampire Weekend, Fleet Foxes and others, Leithauser modeled his first release on 50s’ blue eyed soul and Frank Sinatra in particular.

From there, Leithauser moved on to an album in 2016 influenced by early rock and roll and then for last years’ The Loves of Your Life Leithauser took more control of the music making process, writing all of the songs as well as producing and recording the album.