photo by Kaelan Barowsky

Philadelphia’s G. Love and Special Sauce are a trio that fuses classic R&B and rap into a sound appealing for live performances and MTV. Their first album featured Cold Beverages, a song whose video was in heavy rotation on MTV. It nearly got them Gold sales for their debut.

A spot on the H.O.R.D.E tour brought them to a receptive audience and the band released a followup record in 1995. Disputes over finances almost ended the group and G. Love worked on a solo record with three different groups.

After resolving their dispute, the band released a following record that drew on the bands that G. Love had involved independently.Love and Special Sauce formed in 1993 and it only took a year for their first record to be released. By 2000 the band had settled into a pattern of record release followed by heavy international touring. Albums from the early 200s often featured a bit of everything in a musical kitchen sink, but later in the decade the band settled on an approach that utilized more consistent sounds after moving to the record label headed by Jack Johnson.

Now almost three decades into his career, G’ Love continues to release new material. His latest album The Juice won a Grammy nomination and Love has used the new record as a launching point for a new band, G. Love and the Juice.