Foster the People is an indie pop band formed by Mark Foster in 2009 after he spent a few years struggling to gain a foothold in the LA music industry.

After graduating high school in Ohio, Foster moved to LA to pursue music with encouragement from his father. It was not an easy task, but after six years with bands and working to support himself, he landed a gig as a commercial jingle writer. Still desiring to be in a band, Foster and drummer Mark Pontius formed Foster the People in 2009.

The band recorded their first song Pumped Up Kicks at the jingle company studio and decided to release it as a free download to get attention. It worked, with the song eventually becoming their breakthrough securing a recording contract and becoming a hit. An EP and debut LP soon followed and Foster the People spent two years on tour supporting the debut album.

After three full albums and several singles, Foster the People completed their recording contract and has opted to go independent. According to Mark Foster, the playing field for artists has changed with income streams becoming more fluid. He says it is now much easier for a band to reach fans directly via streaming services, and the need to get physical media in the form of CDs and vinyl is much less important.

Photo by Ashlee Espinal