South London’s Florence and the Machine formed in 2007 and released a single in 2008 with only the two core band members in place, Florence Welch and Isabella “Machine” Summers. Once a full band was recruited, they signed a record deal and released their debut album, 2009’s “Lungs”. The album was an instant success in the UK, with four top 40 singles in the following 12 months.

Soon the singles were selling well around the world, including the US although the album was not as widely known. The band chose to reissue it along with a companion disc of live tracks and remixes as their second release in 2010.

Florence and the Machine formed almost by accident. Florence Welch and Isabella Summers began playing music together as teens as Florence Robot /Isa Machine and when it came time for their first gig, they had no better name – but settled on Florence and the Machine as the first option was just too clunky..

Now with four studio albums, the band has found audiences in cinema via their contributions to the Twilight series and in video games with songs appearing in “Final Fantasy”.  Florence Welch, despite describing herself as a bit of a hermit, has found ways to remain connected with fans during the pandemic, coordinating a collective poem with fans and contributing a track whose proceeds support UK COVID workers.