Combining Celtic and punk in a 7 piece band is no easy task, but that is the route Flogging Molly has travelled since 1997. The band began regular shows at the LA bar Molly Malones in 1997 and then took the show on the road, which is where they have mostly stayed, taking their folk punk sound around the world.

Dublin singer Dave King formed the band after playing in heavy metal bands with former members of UFO and Motorhead. Initially he had a deal to record a solo record, but the label objected to his using traditional Irish instruments on the record, and he ultimately dropped out of the deal. When the new band began their weekly shows in LA, they needed a name and as King recalls, “We used to play there every Monday night and we felt like we were flogging it to death, so we called the band Flogging Molly.”

Flogging Molly has some charting songs from their first album recorded in Ireland, 2007’s “Float”, but their big draw is a powerful live show. In fact, their best selling recordings are audio/video releases of their live performances including “Whiskey on a Sunday” which was certified Platinum.

The pandemic put a crimp in Flogging Molly’s St. Patrick’s day plans. For the first time the band was unable to play for an audience, so King and his bandmate / wife Bridget Regan offered up an acoustic version of the title song from their “Float” album making it available to fans on their web site.