A high school friendship in Seattle between Robin Pecknold and Skyler Skjelset grew over a shared appreciation for the music of Bob Dylan and Neil Young and eventually resulted in the formation of Fleet Foxes in 2006. With a sound that drew heavily on late 60s pop and British folk, the band gained popularity through word of mouth, and had success with music streamed from their MySpace account.

By 2008, the band had undergone some lineup changes, and also released their first EP and LP to positive critical reviews.. The album sold reasonably well in the US, but even better in Europe and their tour dates there and in Australia were typically sold out. Billboard named the album their Critic’s Choice album of the year for 2008.

Fleet Foxes followed the 2008 album with a Grammy nominee in 2011’s Helplessness Blues. Following the tour supporting the album drummer Josh Tillman left the band for his own solo career as Father John Misty. Robin Pecknold moved to New York and enrolled at Columbia University while also touring in his own. The other band members took on their own side projects, and it was six years before another Fleet Foxes album appeared.

No such hiatus occurred before the bands most recent release Shore, but the process was quite different. Pecknold recorded the album without the help of the remaining band members, using musicians at several studios around the world.