It is not often that musical collaborations started in middle school amount to much of anything, but in the case of Philadelphia’s Dr. Dog that is just what happened. Scott McMicken and Toby Leaman began playing music together in eight grade and from the start preferred performing their own original songs versus covering others. There are quirky aspects of the band that go directly back to that time – like all of the band members having nicknames that begin with “T”.

By the early 2000s the pair were active in several music projects while also spending time on Dr. Dog, but by 2005 it was mostly all Dr. Dog, with the band completing their first US tour. Dr. Dog made heavy use of the internet to promote themselves. In 2007 they released an album’s worth of material online for free, placing one song a week on their website for download throughout the summer. This and several late night TV appearances through the early 2000s helped build the band’s popularity.

Now with ten studio albums and fifteen years of touring under their belts, Dr. Dog has made an announcement that surprised their fans in different ways. Earlier this year the band announced that their 2021 tour would be their last – that Dr. Dog would be retiring from touring. At the same time the band said that this was not an end for the group, but that whatever they were going to do going forward was just not going to include touring.

Fans in the Commonwealth will get the first opportunity to see Dr. Dog on their last tour when the band plays as part of Goose’s FRED Festival at LOCK’N Farm on August 20-22.