Welshman Dave Edmunds played in his first band as a ten year old with his brother Geoff. Initially Dave played piano but quickly moved on to guitar in a series of bands that formed and split in the late 50’s and early 60’s. After working in a Parlophone Records house band for a couple of years, Edmunds joined blues rock band Love Sculpture, which had some low level hits in the UK. That band folded by the end of the 60’s.

It was in 1970 that Dave Edmunds had his biggest solo hit. I Hear you Knockin’ was certified Gold in the US and the UK. At this point Dave Edmunds was focused primarily on the art of producing music Phil Spector style. He spent much of his time in studios re-creating an oldies sound by meticulously laying down track upon track – mostly recordings of himself. It was not unusual for Edmunds to use 40 tracks on a single, and he became proficient at generating records with the sound of old Sun and Chess classics.

Dave Edmunds applied his production skills to artists emerging from the70’s pub rock scene in the UK, including Shakin’ Stevens and Brinsley Schwartz. It was through the latter that Edmunds met Nick Lowe and the pair began a long term creative collaboration through the band Rockpile.

Rockpile amassed a string of hits in the 70s and toured constantly. The band released five complete records with three others appearing under Dave Edmunds’ name and one more under Nick Lowe’s name. 1979 was a busy year for the band, recording solo records from both Lowe and Edmunds. The group finally split up in 1981 citing displeasure with their manager. Lowe and Edmunds did not work together again until 1988.