Darrell Scott began his musical career as a teenager, playing in Southern California before moving to Toronto and then Boston to attend college.

In the early 90s, Scott relocated to Nashville to start a career in country music and appeared on several albums as a session musician and backup singer. By 1996 Scott had his first composition reach the charts with a song recorded by Suzy Boggus. The late 90s and early 2000s saw Scott’s songs recorded by numerous major country and Americana acts, and Scott himself landed a recording contract with Sugar Hill Records.


Much of Scotts’ career has revolved around collaboration, a musical skill he says he learned at an early age. As a kid he played in a family band and found out how to harmonize, play various instruments and generally get along with a group of musicians. It is a lesson well used over Scott’s career.

Darrell Scott’s most recent album of original material, 2016’s The Couchville Sessions is drawn from work he did in 2001 in his living room. Scott had recorded three albums worth of material in about a year, and his record label released the first two, leaving the last unused for 15 years. After meeting Little Feat founding member Billy Payne, Scott realized that he was the perfect final musician to bring the project to completion