California native Chuck Prophet had his first music success with the 80s band Green on Red appearing on their last six releases before the group disbanded in 1992. Around 1990, Prophet started work on a solo record but it was not released in the US until 1997.

In 1996 Prophet moved to Nashville for a job as a staff songwriter, contributing songs and co-writes to a wide variety of artists. His connections to Kelly Willis from this period led to his co-writing, guitar playing and production work for her. Along with Kim Richey he wrote a top-40 country song.

Prophets’ 2002 record No Other Love was popular in the UK and Europe, but did not do as well into the US until much later when the single Summertime Thing caught on. That along with an endorsement from and tour opening slot with Lucinda Williams raised his domestic profile.

Chuck Prophet’s first exposure to music came from his older sister’s collection of records, a rich mix of classic rock. Inspired, Prophet began studying guitar and playing in local southern California bands. After Green on Red disbanded, Prophet moved on to a broad career of songwriting, producing, performing and collaborating.

Now with almost two dozen records to his credit, Prophet shows no signs of slowing down. Not even a recent cancer diagnosis will be a problem. He says the doctors tell him his prognosis is good and for the few shows he has had to cancel he promises ‘one helluva make-up tour”.