Blues Traveler formed when John Popper and his friend started a band originally called the Establishment in high school. After a few lineup changes, the group eventually settled on Blues Traveler as their name and moved on to New York after graduation.

First playing the clubs around the city and then on the colleges, all of the band members eventually dropped out of college to focus on music, and after releasing their first album in 1990 they began touring continuously. The group established themselves as a staple on the jam band scene with their improvisational sets and this led to their launching the H.O.R.D.E Festival in 1992.

Inspired by Lollapalooza, the festival was a touring event that featured jam bands and helped identify the strong appeal nationwide of those bands. This led to their release of the album Four which initially appeared to be a disappointment until the single Run-Around was released. The song spent nearly a full year on the sales charts and pushed the album to Platinum status.

After the success of Four, Blues Traveler found themselves with opportunities to perform on movie soundtracks and they did, providing tracks for Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Blues Brothers 2000 and others.

A lineup change came in 2000 after the tragic death of bassist Bobby Sheehan from an accidental overdose. About the same time the group also expanded with the addition of keyboards.

Blues Traveler released their latest record last week, with Traveler’s Blues receiving a Grammy nomination for best Traditional Blues album. The band continues the busy road schedule, which now numbers over 2000 live performances.