Pioneers in the New York new wave scene, Debbie Harry and Blondie moved from the citys’ underground music scene to mainstream success with a series of hit singles in the 70s.

Guitarist Chris Stein joined the Stilettos, a city band and established a romantic relationship with the groups’ vocalist, Debbie Harry. Harrys’ diverse background included time in a folk band along with work as a waitress and a Playboy bunny. The pair formed a new group in 1975 named after the catcalls of ‘Hey Blondie’ from truck drivers passing Harry on the street.

David Bowie and Iggy Pop were big fans of Blondies’ first record, inviting the band to play on Bowies ‘The Idiot’ tour. It was not until the bands’ third album that they found their audience in the US, led by the international hit Heart of Glass.

The late 70s saw Blondie release several hit singles and record platinum sales of their albums. In 1981 the band went on a hiatus and on their return they recorded The Hunter which was poorly received.

The early 80s saw pressure on the band increase to a level that forced a breakup. By late 1982 the band had dissolved into a flurry of legal actions, and Harry was forced to sell her New York mansion due to mounting financial issues. She and Chris Stein finally broke up and Harry pursued a solo career.

By the early 2000s, enough time had passed for a new generation of fans to discover Blondie. The band reformed for new records and a Parallel Lines 30th Anniversary tour and continues touring today.