What does southern rock sound like in the 21st century? Thanks to Blackberry Smoke, it sounds a lot like it did in the 20th century as the band has stuck to the formula pioneered by the Allman Brothers , Lynyrd Skynyrd and others to create a sound steeped in hard rock, blues and country.

The band members met playing in various bars around Atlanta and formed the group in 2001. Unable to choose a name, the band took the advice of Chris Robinson from the Black Crowes who suggested “Blackberry Smoke” – for no reason other than it wasn’t used by anyone else.

After recording their first album in 2003, the band went on the road to tour, and that consumed the next five years of the group’s life.

Blackberry Smoke had a breakthrough in 2012 with their third album
Whippoorwill. It appeared on both the rock and country charts and laid a foundation for their successful career touring and recording.

Today they have two number one country albums to their credit and have firmly established themselves as a modern version of what a good old 70s southern rock band would sound like in concert.

This years’ You Hear Georgia celebrates the bands twentieth anniversary with a love song to their home state, produced by Georgia native Dave Cobb. Two additional touring musicians appear on the album and have been fully integrated into the band bringing them to seven members, and Warren Haynes also appears on the album and shares songwriting credit on some of the tracks.