Decade of Difference continues with a look at bands with a Richmond link. Bio Ritmo began in 1991 in Richmond as an experimental percussive ensemble, organized by Puerto Rican native Jorge Negron. Originally, the band practiced at GWARS Snake Pit and it is not clear how they hit on salsa music, but when they played shows the audiences loved it and the style stuck.

A majority of the original band members came from Virginia, drawn to Richmond for college or for the music scene. Several of the band members were Puerto Rican natives and brought their love of salsa with them to the band. In the 90’s Bio Ritmo played up and down the east coast, and by 1995 had enough original material to record their first record.

Today Bio Ritmo is probably better known in South America than in Richmond. The band has had quite a bit of turnover, but the music has stayed solid, with their last record making the top 10 in the World Music charts. Bio Ritmo continues to deliver original music in the salsa style – so much appreciated that the self styled “Salsa Machine” is revered as the greatest salsa band in a country that should know – Columbia.