There were not many bands who outsold Bachman Turner Overdrive in the 70’s. From 1974 through 1977 the band released four albums with two reaching the top 5 and one single reaching number 1 in the US.

Randy Bachman left The Guess Who at the peak of that bands’ success, a move questioned by many music critics. Chad Allen had left the band two years earlier, and he joined Bachman and his brother in forming a new band, but it took the addition of Fred Turner and another Bachman brother and  the departure of Allen to get the full guitar sound BTO is known for. The band’s second album “BTO II” was released in 1973 and was their biggest.

BTO’s lineup began to change in 1974 when Tim Bachman left after his brother Randy, who had strong religious beliefs established rules for band membership. By 1977 BTO had released six albums in seven years. Randy Bachman, who wanted to continue cranking them out, left the band when everyone else disagreed. They released one more album before disbanding for five years.

It just wasn’t the same for the band when they returned with their third self titled album in 1984. It barely reached the charts, and since then BTO has undergone several reunions and breakups. Fred Turner retired in 2018 and it is unclear if the band will play again.