Andrew Bird began playing violin as a 4 year old and ultimately earned a degree in violin performance from Northwestern University. Along the way, he developed a desire to incorporate traditions from many genres into his music, culminating in the release of his first album in 1996. Music of Hair was mostly instrumental, drawing influences from folk, jazz and swing.

Bird released three albums with the band Bowl of Fire before moving out of Chicago and beginning a solo career. In 2007 Bird had his first charting album Armchair Apocrypha, a complex folk-rock mix of multi-tracked violins and his impressive whistling mixed with cryptic lyrics.

A productive musician, Andrew Bird has released 18 studio albums with 13 of those coming in the last 17 years. The newest, Inside Problems is a look at one of the two types of problems Bird sees – inside and outside problems, From the preview video for the album Bird explains “In the way I figure, there are two types of problems in this world: inside problems and outside problems. And it’s all happening inside, no one is privy to it.”