Earlier this month Conor Oberst connected with WNRN via Zoom to talk about some of of his favorite songs of the moment. . Scroll down to see his picks and thoughts on each song. Transcript lightly edited for length and clarity.

The Felice Brothers – “Jazz on the Autobahn”

WNRN: Tell us about this first band you’ve selected, some of our listeners will know them but not all …

Conor Oberst: I always say they’re my favorite band in the world, they’re the best American band in the world, hands down. They’re called the Felice Brothers and they’re from upstate New York. They’ve played with me a lot, they’ve been my backing band, and they make all my favorite records. This song is called “Jazz on the Autobahn”from their latest From Dreams to Dust.

David Byrne “Glass Concrete & Stone”

Conor Oberst: This one’s “Glass, Concrete & Stone,” Grown Backwards is the name of the record. It’s early aughts, I mean we all love David Byrne [with the] Talking Heads obviously, but this one is from one of his records from the early 2000s, and I happen to really love this song a lot.

WNRN: He’s always pushing the boundary, I love his work with Brian Eno, too. Have you ever seen David Byrne live?

Conor Oberst:: I have, I’ve seen him several times but one time that sticks out for me was, we played the same night at the Telluride Folk Festival in Colorado, and we played one of the same years as him and it was, maybe like 2008 or something like that? It was an incredible show, he had a big band and everyone was dancing in the band.

WNRN: I would love to see him, I have never seen him but he’s on my bucket list, and I just wonder what he’s like in person because he’s so eccentric. Sometimes it’s better not to meet some of your musical heroes, because it can be very jarring.

Conor Oberst: I met him in New York a few times, but I do have this running, kind of a funny story. My cousin Ian, who’s like my best friend, we’re basically the same age and we lived in New York at the same time, and he had this almost like Curb Your Enthusiasm situation, he worked downtown, in Soho at this fancy bodega grocery store, but like 3 or 4 different times he almost got run over by David Byrne when he was on his bicycle. He was walking down the street and he’d be like, “What the –!” and then it would just be like, everytime it was David Byrne. It was pretty amazing, you know just a funny situation..

Waxahatchee “Fire”

Conor Oberst: Waxahatchee is my friend Katie’s band. She’s dopest. She grew up in Birmingham and I’ve got like a weird Birmingham connection with like Maria Taylor and Macy Taylor’s playing bass with us right now, they’re all  [from] Birmingham. Katie and her sister grew up there, Allison, if you don’t know about them they had a band way back in the day, P.S. Eliot. Then Katie went on to do Waxahatchee and Alison went on to do this band Swearin’ and they’re both incredible. Anyway, she’s playing with us at this New York show and I really, I mean I’ve always loved her music but this record she put out last year called St. Cloud, it’s just, oh my god, it’s probably the record I listened to the most during the quarantine and stuff, so anyway it’s beautiful. Every song is great on it but I picked “Fire”.

Lucy Dacus “Night Shift”

WNRN: Do you have a favorite song off the top of your head by a Virginia artist that you really like?

Conor Oberst:: I guess I gotta say my girl Lucy Dacus’ “Night Shift,” that’s a hit! I mean she’s got so many great songs, she’s from Richmond, and she’s playing with us. I think she’s amazing, so I gotta go with her.