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Old Crow Medicine Show on World Cafe

Friday, April 22nd at 6pm
Old Crow Medicine Show have a brand-new album called Paint This Town. And on the next World Cafe, leader Ketch Secor and drummer Jerry Pentecost will talk about the town that has meant so much to the band for the past 25 years, Nashville, and reveal some of the tweaks they made to Old Crow’s sound for the new record.

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Yard Act Mini-Concert on World Cafe

Thursday, April 21st at 6pm
Although Yard Act has only been a band since 2019, the Leeds four-piece quickly gained the attention of major labels, signed to Island Records, and released their debut album, The Overload, earlier this year. On the next World Cafe, the band is featured in a mini-concert from the stage of AmericanaFest in Nashville.

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World Cafe 30th Anniversary Show

Wednesday, April 20th at 6pm
Courtney Barnett first visited World Cafe in 2014, before the release of her debut album. Knowing how successful she’s been, you might giggle when you hear how, back then, people were calling her a slacker. We’ll hear her talk about that as we revisit her first time on the show, next time on a 30th Anniversary World Cafe.

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Helado Negro on World Cafe

Tuesday, April 19th at 6pm
Roberto Carlos Lange, who performs as Helado Negro, has made an album perfect for the longing traveler with no destination on the horizon – a bit of solace for all the solitude. It’s called Far In. Lange talks about how a two-week trip to Texas turned into a six-month stay and led to a perfect post-pandemic album. Helado Negro, on the next World Cafe.

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Cat Power on World Cafe

Monday, April 18 at 6pm
No one does a cover song quite like Cat Power. Cat Power – the performing name of Chan Marshall – recently released her THIRD album of cover songs called, appropriately: Covers. On the next World Cafe, Chan discusses her philosophy around reinterpreting other people’s songs, what it was like doing a cover of one of her OWN songs for this record, and tells the story of meeting her idol, Bob Dylan.

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Big Thief on World Cafe

Friday, April 15th at 6pm
Big Thief’s latest album, Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You, is whimsical, adventurous, and creative – and that’s because the members of the band have created a space together where experimenting is welcome, and love and support is key. We’ll hear a conversation with Big Thief and they perform live, on the next Conversations from the World Cafe.

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Hayes Carll Mini-Concert on World Cafe

Thursday, April 14th at 6pm
Hayes Carll has been making music for nearly two decades. Early on, he focused more on telling other people’s stories than his own. As of late, the roots rocker from Texas applies his keen eye for detail and humor to tell stories that revolve around his world. We’ll hear a mini-concert with Carll from last year’s AmericaFest in Nashville, coming up on the next World Cafe.

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World Cafe 30th Anniversary Show

Wednesday, April 13th at 6pm
When Rosanne Cash was 18, her dad, Johnny Cash, gave her a list of the 100 best songs ever. You’ll hear her talk about that in a World Cafe 30th Anniversary memorable moment, plus we’ll take a dive into the archives for a session with John C. Reilly, and lots more. That’s next time, on the World Cafe.

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AHI on World Cafe

Tuesday, April 12th at 6pm
Toronto singer-songwriter AHI <EYE> spent many years backpacking around the globe, from Trinidad to the Ethiopian Highlands, before starting his music career. Those experiences meeting strangers allowed him to look at himself through different eyes, and it informs his new album, Prospect. AHI shares about how travel shaped his perspective, and he shares live performances. AHI, coming up on the next World Cafe.

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Band of Horses on World Cafe

Monday, April 11 at 6pm
Ben Bridwell, frontman for Band of Horses, went through a breakup in his personal life, turned over bandmates and producers, and navigated the isolation of the pandemic while raising his kids. So, you might get a laugh out of the band’s new album title: Things Are Great. We’ll hear from Bridwell about why things aren’t so bad after all. It’s Band of Horses, on the next World Cafe.

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