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Duran Duran on World Cafe

Friday, January 7th at 6pm  
Future Past is the name of Duran Duran’s latest album, and on the next World Cafe, lead singer Simon Le Bon talks about both the band’s future and their past. Le Bon’s daughter sang with him for one of the tracks for the new record, a first that Le Bon hopes will not be a last. And he reflects on the band’s past, including the video Duran Duran made hoping to get banned from MTV.

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Pastor T. L. Barrett on World Cafe

Thursday, January 6th at 6pm 
Growing up in Chicago, Pastor T.L. Barrett knew how to reach troubled youth in his community because he had been one himself. His Youth For Christ Choir blended gospel with modern genres, like soul and funk, and their music is being rediscovered five decades later. Pastor TL Barrett tells his story on the next World Cafe.

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World Cafe 30th Anniversary

Wednesday, January 5th at 6pm
Imagine being in the biggest band on Earth BEFORE they were the biggest band on Earth? PETE BEST didn’t have to imagine – he was the FIRST drummer of the Beatles. On the next World Cafe 30th Anniversary show, tune in for an archive dive into the Cafe’s 2008 interview with Pete Best. Plus, a memorable moment with Jackson Browne, and a new young artist gets inducted into the 30 Under 30 list.

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Snail Mail mini-concert on World Cafe

Tuesday, January 4th at 6pm
Snail Mail is the musical project of Lindsey Jordan, who’s only 22 years old, but captures the feeling of heartbreak like someone who’s lived many lifetimes. The new critically acclaimed Snail Mail album is called Valentine. On the next World Cafe, we’ll hear a live recording of a set from Snail Mail.

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Encore: Yola on World Cafe

Monday, January 3rd at 6pm
If Yola’s debut album Walk Through Fire was about surviving the struggle and overcoming the odds, then her album Stand For Myself is about not being afraid to burn it all down, taking names along the way. On the next World Cafe, Yola tells stories about working with Brandi Carlile, playing Sister Rosetta Tharpe in a movie, and what it means to own thyself.

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Bootsy Collins and Metallica on World Cafe 

Friday, December 31st at 6pm
To ring in the New Year, World Cafe is revisiting some favorite interviews of 2021 – and in this case – one of the FUNKIEST. Bootsy Collins looked back on playing with James Brown and George Clinton, talked about his latest album, and explained why we’re all a Little Bit Funky. We’ll hear that, and a 2021 session with Metallica’s Lars Ulrich in a year end encore on the next World Cafe.

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Bela Fleck & Femi and Made Kuti on World Cafe

Thursday, December 30th at 6pm
2021 is coming to an end, so World Cafe is listening back to some favorite sessions of 2021, including a conversation with banjo virtuoso Bela Fleck. After a two-decade hiatus, he returns to bluegrass music with his album, My Bluegrass Heart. We’ll also hear father and son, Femi and Made Kuti, talk about carrying on the legacy of Afrobeat music. It’s coming up on the next World Cafe.

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Rick Steves and No No Boy on World Cafe

Wednesday, December 29th at 6pm 
World Cafe is wrapping up 2021 by revisiting some favorite interviews of the past year – like when travel guru Rick Steves took us on a musical tour of Europe, telling stories from his travels and giving us an escape when we needed one most. We’ll also hear an encore session with No-No Boy. That’s next time on a Year End Encore of World Cafe.

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Kasey Musgraves and Bartees Strange on World Cafe

Tuesday, December 28th at 6pm
World Cafe is celebrating the close of 2021 playing back some favorite sessions from the past year. Kacey Musgraves will talk about her album, Star-Crossed, which she calls a tragedy in three acts. We’ll also revisit a talk with Bartees Strange, who grew up studying opera, got into Christian punk rock, and has made a compelling debut album called Live Forever. It’s coming up on the next World Cafe.

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Iron Maiden and Julien Baker on World Cafe

Monday, December 27th at 6pm
2021 is coming to a close, and World Cafe is looking back on some favorite interviews of the year. Hear Iron Maiden lead singer Bruce Dickinson talk about everything that goes into making an Iron Maiden album and performance, and a session with Julien Baker about her album Little Oblivions, next time on a Year End Encore of World Cafe.

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