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Adia Victoria on World Cafe

Friday, September 17th at 6pm
Adia Victoria is back with an evocative brand new album, A Southern Gothic. On the next World Cafe, she talks about how writing part of the record in Paris helped give her a different perspective on the South and how she finally fulfilled her longtime dream of working with producer T-Bone Burnett. Plus, some live performances.

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Dylan Cartlidge on World Cafe

Thursday, September 16 at 6pm
Dylan Cartlidge dealt with a lot of setbacks and challenges as he grew up in foster care in rural England. His debut album, Hope Above Adversity, celebrates his resilience and optimism with positive songs filled with infectious grooves. We talk to Cartlidge about how he overcame that adversity, and he shares live performances on the next World Cafe.

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Byron Gonzalez’s LatinX Picks on World Cafe

Wednesday, September 15th at 6pm
Hispanic Heritage Month begins the same day that Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua all celebrate their Independence days. World Cafe’s Latin Roots correspondent Byron Gonzalez kicks off the party with a couple of songs and some culinary highlights. Don’t miss it!

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Encore: Counting Crows on World Cafe

Tuesday, September 14th at 6pm
It’s been 7 years since Counting Crows put out an album, but recently lead singer Adam Duritz was inspired to write again, thanks to a trip to the English countryside. The result is a 4 song EP called Butter Miracle. On the next World Cafe, Adam Duritz talks about the new music and shares the story behind the ONE older song he never tires of playing live.

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Christone “Kingfish” Ingram on World Cafe

Monday, September 13th at 6pm
Christone Kingfish Ingram dazzled people with his debut that showcased his love of the blues and his incredible guitar playing. Now comes his second album, 662, named after the area code of his hometown of Clarksdale, Mississippi. On the next World Cafe, he talks about moving the blues in a new direction and how Clarksdale continues to inspire him.

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Special Programming on The Metallica Blacklist on World Cafe

Friday, September 10th at 6pm
In 1991, Metallica became a household name thanks to the release of their self-titled album, better known as the black album. Now, celebrating its 30th anniversary, the band has released The Metallica Blacklist, featuring over 50 artists covering songs from the record. We’ll hear from Jason Isbell and St. Vincent about taking on the classic Metallica song, “Sad But True,” coming up on the next World Cafe.

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Encore: Loretta Lynn on World Cafe

Thursday, September 9th at 6pm
Loretta Lynn recently released her 50th studio album, Still Woman Enough. She revisits some classic songs, like “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” which tells the story of her childhood, and her first hit, “I’m a Honky Tonk Girl.” On the next World Cafe, she looks back through her life of music and shares what it was like collaborating with singers like Margo Price and writing a new song with her daughter for the record.

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Ron Gallo on World Cafe

Wednesday, September 8th at 6pm
Ron Gallo’s latest album Peacemeal is filled with lo-fi indie pop that’s as skeptical and insightful as it is warm and playful. Gallo joins host Stephen Kallao from his temporary home in Italy to share about how he made this album, his obsession with Easter Island, and he shares live performances. It’s Ron Gallo on the next World Cafe.

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Byron Gonzalez’s LatinX picks on World Cafe

Tuesday, September 7th at 6pm
World Cafe’s Latin Roots Correspondent Byron Gonzalez dives into a couple of songs from Brazil on his next visit to the show. He shares what he has learned listening to these songs sung in Portuguese and reveals some tips on how to get the most of music whose lyrics you may not understand.

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Encore: David Crosby on World Cafe

Monday, September 6th at 6pm
For his new album, David Crosby brought together the work of a bunch of musicians he loves—Michael McDonald, Joni Mitchell, Donald Fagen, Sara Jarosz, as well as his son, James Raymond. On the next World Cafe, he shares the stories behind why he chose each of those collaborators and discusses the song on the new record, written by his son, that immediately made him cry.

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