World Cafe

Kenny Loggins on World Cafe

Friday, December 2 at 6pm

When you think of Top Gun, it’s hard not to think about “Danger Zone.” The same can be said for “Footloose” or “I’m Alright” from Caddyshack. All were sung by the “king of soundtracks” Kenny Loggins. On the next World Cafe, Loggins walks us through his new memoir, Still Alright, from the Loggins and Messina days to becoming to go-to hitmaker for big ‘80s blockbusters.

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Encore: Judy Collins on World Cafe

Thursday, December 1 at 6pm

Judy Collins has made a lot of other songwriters famous. She began her career singing other peoples’ songs, turning American audiences onto artists like Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell with her hit covers. But over the years, she’s also developed her own songwriting voice, and on her latest album – her twenty-ninth – every single song is a Judy Collins original for the very first time. She’ll tell all about it on the next World Cafe.


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The 1975 on World Cafe

Wednesday, November 30 at 6pm

In a time when the word “truth” means different things to different people, The 1975 frontman Matty Healy has a surefire way to find it: Comedy. On the next World Cafe, Healy talks about why the band wanted to lean into humor and empathy on their new record Being Funny In A Foreign Language, plus you’ll hear live performances from this year’s Reading Festival.

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Tamino mini-concert on World Cafe

Tuesday, November 29 at 6pm

In 2019, the Belgian-Egyptian artist Tamino accumulated a healthy amount of buzz for his debut album, Amir.  When the pandemic hit, Tamino canceled his tour and went dark on social media. Now, over two years later, the singer-songwriter, who has been compared to Jeff Buckley, has released a new album, Sahar. Tamino performs an exclusive mini-concert, coming up on the next World Cafe.

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Julieta Venegas on World Cafe

Monday, November 28 at 6pm

When fans of Julieta Venegas heard her first single in seven years, they were surprised by the disco and synth pop sound, but they were also eager to hear more from the Mexican singer-songwriter. On the next World Cafe, Venegas talks to producer Miguel Perez about her new album Tu Historia and how collaborating with Bad Bunny let her reach a whole new audience.

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Encore: Tim Heidecker on World Cafe

Friday, November 25th at 6pm
High School can be an awkward time… but all those new, exciting, and awkward experiences? They can be turned into great songs. Tim Heidecker talks about his latest album High School – a tender, funny, very pretty album that looks back at those days AND fast forwards to the present. Plus, you’ll hear live performances from Tim and his band, on the next World Cafe.

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The Smile mini-concert on World Cafe

Wednesday, November 23rd at 6pm
Johnny Greenwood and Thom Yorke of Radiohead teamed up with drummer Tom Skinner to start a new band, called The Smile. Their debut album, A Light For Attracting Attention, is filled with jazz and post-punk influences. Hear an exclusive – and extended – mini-concert with The Smile from the stage of the Montreux Jazz Festival, on the next World Cafe.

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Encore: Robert Plant and Alison Krauss on World Cafe

Thursday, November 24th at 6pm
Robert Plant and Alison Krauss had a hugely successful collaboration a decade and a half ago with the album Raising Sand. Last year, they finally released its long-awaited follow-up, Raise the Roof. On an encore edition of the World Cafe, they talk about their friendship and what it was like to return to the studio with producer T-Bone Burnett. Plus, a Thanksgiving playlist!

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John Morrison’s Culture Corner on World Cafe

Tuesday, November 22nd at 6pm
They may have been called Love, but the L.A. band’s reaction to 1967’s Summer of Love was very different from the hippies up in San Francisco. Correspondent John Morrison digs into Love’s 55 year-old album, Forever Changes, and talks about why their band name may have been a bit tongue-in-cheek – Next time on an all-new Culture Corner on World Cafe.

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Calexico on World Cafe

Monday, November 21st at 6pm
Cumbias and Rancheras dot the landscape of El Mirador, the latest album from Southwestern Tex-Mex band, Calexico. Lead singer Joey Burns wanted to both physically and thematically return to Tucson, after moving to Boise, Idaho in 2020. Recorded at longtime member Sergio Mendoza’s house, El Mirador is about introspection and connectivity. Calexico joins host Stephen Kallao for an interview and performance on the next World Cafe.

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