Phish Phriday 5/7

A somber Phish Phriday this week. Late last week we learned of the death of Tony Markellis, bass player for Trey Anastasio Band. Tony & Trey worked together for decades and Markellis helped write songs for TAB and Phish. We will pay tribute to Tony with Trey Anastasio Band’s legendary Lockn’ performance with Derek Trucks. Catch Phish Phriday every weekday at 4pm, brought to you by Surfside Sustainable Seafood.
Infinity Downs 8/23/19

Set 1: Cayman Review, Mozambique / Alive Again / Valentine / Night Speaks To A Woman / Simple Twist Up Dave / Tuesday Set 2  w/Derek Trucks: Set Your Soul Free, Everything’s Right / Camel Walk / Ghost / Blaze On / Dark and Down / Sand / A Life Beyond The Dream / Rise Up /Come Together / Push On ‘Til The Day**ALBTD & RU/CT W/Susan Tedeschi Encore w/Derek Trucks: Brief Time (Acoustic) / More (Acoustic) / 46 Days / First Tube

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Phish Phriday 4/30

Last week, Phish released June 19th, 1995 at Deer Creek Music Center to their archived shows. A fruity favorite from the show is on our menu, much to the chagrin of restaurant servers everywhere. Catch Phish Phriday every weekday at 4pm, brought to you by Surfside Sustainable Seafood.


Deer Creek Music Center 6/19/95

SET 1: Theme From the Bottom > Poor Heart, AC/DC Bag > Tela, Punch You in the Eye, Reba, Strange Design, Rift > Cavern > Run Like an Antelope / SET 2: Simple -> David Bowie, The Mango Song, Loving Cup, Sparkle > You Enjoy Myself, Acoustic Army, Possum / ENCORE: A Day in the Life

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Phish Phriday 4/23

Thursday [4/22] was Earth Day. Phish invites you to get phunky and join a global groove from 12/31/2019 MSG. NY, NY. Catch Phish every Friday at 4pm on WNRN, supported by Surfside Sustainable Seafood.

Madison Square Garden 12/31/19

SET 1: Martian Monster > Buried Alive > AC/DC Bag > Halley’s Comet > Prince Caspian > Sparkle > Axilla, Maze > Fluffhead > Rise/Come Together
SET 2: Punch You in the Eye > Wolfman’s Brother > Light > Twist > Soul Planet > Mercury > Possum
SET 3: Send in the Clowns[1], First Tube, Auld Lang Syne, Sand, Drift While You’re Sleeping, What’s the Use?, You Enjoy Myself
ENCORE: Tweezer Reprise, Rescue Squad[2]

[1] Phish debut; with lyrics changed to “Send in the clones” and performed a cappella.[2] Debut; only Trey.

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