MC Taylor is at his most sincere on ‘Quietly Blowing It’


Just before the start of the pandemic, MC Taylor of Hiss Golden Messenger was at a crossroads in his career. From releasing four new albums and an assortment of live records to spending most of that five year period on the road, he found himself pondering the very nature of being an artist in what has become a transactional industry.


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Scott Miller In Studio Session

Scott Miller joins us at the WNRN studios as we continue our return to live sessions this summer. Hear Scott talk about balancing farming and performing, picturing his audience as cats, and why performing in his hometown is still a challenge, plus he plays live in this In Studio Session for WNRN.


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Cautious Clay Finds Harmony in the Subtlety on Genre Hopping Debut LP ‘Deadpan Love’

Listen in on our next Home Studio Session as Lindsey connects with Cautious Clay who performs live and talks about his wide-ranging debut album Deadpan Love.


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Home Studio Session w/The Lone Bellow

Zach Williams from The Lone Bellow chats with Patrick from home in Nashville as the band prepares for a return to the road. He also talks about working with producer Aaron Dessner and the inspiration and making of the songs in the group’s latest release Half Moon Light: The Second Phase, plus the band performs live from home (or, in this case, cabin) in this Home Studio Session.


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Yola Home Studio Session

Yola chats with Patrick about collaborating with Dan Auerbach, drinking wine with Aaron Lee Tasjan, how her mom’s record collection inspired forthcoming album Stand For Myself (out July 30th on Easy Eye Sound), and her role as Sister Rosetta Tharpe in the upcoming Elvis biopic due out in 2022 in this Home Studio Session on WNRN.


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Studio Session w/Vivian Leva & Riley Calcagno

Vivian Leva and Riley Calcagno join us for our first In Studio Session in 16 months! Hear the pair talk about bonding over their love of old time music, making their debut duo album, and getting ready to play their first concert in over a year this weekend as they kick off the Lime Kiln Theater’s summer concert series. (Playlist: “Will You”, “You Don’t See Me”, “Good and Gone”).

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Lael Neale – Home Studio Session

Lael Neale talks about her upbringing in rural Virginia, how she embraced the Omnichord as her instrument of choice, and her new album Acquainted with Night in this Home Studio Session with host Lindsey Goldin. Watch below as she performs “For No One For Now” and “Sliding Doors & Warm Summer Roses” live from home.


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Stray Fossa – Home Studio Session

Charlottesville-based Stray Fossa connect with WNRN’s Desiré Moses to reflect on the making of their debut LP With You Forever. After considering a move to Nashville, the group talks about why they chose Central Virginia as a home base, filling out their sound as a trio, and perform live in this Home Studio Session. (more…)

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