Erin & The Wildfire get ‘Touchy, Feely’ in studio today at 4pm!

Today at 4pm, Virginia artist Erin & The Wildfire join us live in studio to play songs from new album Touchy, Feely and preview album release shows in Charlottesville and Richmond. For the new album the band refined their sound while embracing a wider sonic palette than debut album Thirst. Hear the group perform stripped down versions of album songs “Ray of Sunshine”, Whatever You Like”, and “Yours Anymore”.

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Adam’s Plastic Pond in studio before Taps & Tunes tonight!

Charlottesville’s Adam’s Plastic Pond join us in studio to perform songs from new EP Confident Melancholy and preview their performance at WNRN’s Taps & Tunes series at South Street Brewery in Charlottesville tonight from 6-9pm. Stream the full session above, including a Q&A with WNRN’s Patrick Coman and performances of “Mission Report”, “Finish Line”, and “Won’t Change A Thing”.

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Sharon Van Etten Shares 4 Songs That Influenced ‘We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong’

During a recent stop in Charlottesville to perform for a packed house at the Jefferson Theater, Sharon Van Etten joined WNRN in studio to play guest DJ. She shared 4 songs that inspired the sound and style of new album We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong and chatted in depth with Amber about its making. Scroll down to read her thoughts on each song and stream the full interview to find out which cinematic classic inspired the new album’s name (hint: it involves Babe Ruth, a giant dog, and s’mores) and more about the album which gets its full release on Friday May 6th via Jagjaguwar.

         1. Cocteau Twins “Cherry-Coloured Funk”

“…this was a song that I referenced for the band when we were starting to go over influences of what I thought the instrumentation and vibe was going to be. I didn’t want to exactly rip from them, but I wanted to give permission for my bandmates, Charlie in particular, who was playing guitar on a certain song on the record, that this is how I want it to feel, so however you interpret that. And the ethereal vocals, she has such a beautiful range, and it’s like dark but uplifting, but even though it’s slow-pulsing you feel it escalating. It’s a beautiful song.”

         2. Scott Walker “Duchess”

“I chose “Duchess” by Scott Walker because his melodies are so beautiful and they’re very classic. And his voice can change from iteration with his other projects, but there’s something very timeless about his storytelling, and he kind of sings in this operatic way sometimes, that can walk a line. But I connect with it as a singer, I feel like he’s a singer’s artist in the way that I want to sing along with him and I find it very cathartic to find those melodies or harmonies depending on how I’m singing along with him. I just like those classic arrangements and the timeless feeling of his voice.”

         3. Joy Division “Atmosphere”

“I remember describing to my drummer Jorge Balbi, my Peruvian drummer Jorge, that I wanted a lot of space in the drums, that it didn’t have to be a constant beat, and that I wanted him to just feel free in the way he played and not feel confined by a beat. Because this one song is very intentional in its space before it develops into the driving part of the song. And he connected with it immediately, and a lot of the scapes on the record are drones, synth meets strings, and mallets and air, and allowing those moments to breathe before the other instrumentation comes in. So this song was an example of what I was trying to achieve.

         4. The Cure “Plainsong”

This one is for my bass player, Devin Hoff, he’s probably the biggest Cure fan I know, and I chose this one because, similar to the Joy Division track, what I’m learning how to do is let my band create the atmosphere for me, to be able to form in. And I wrote a lot of these songs without them, before I asked them to lay down tracks and to help me flesh them out. And so finally being in a room with them again and working on these new songs, I feel like they’re giving me permission to step back for a minute and allow them to create the space for me to perform in, as opposed to them performing on top of me. It’s learning how to perform together again and lean into each other, and again own those spaces. I sing a lot, like the joke is that I have a lot of lyrics, I have a lot of words, and my friend Ben Goldberg from Bada Bing Records who put out some of my earlier work, always said ‘Well, you just have so much to say. That’s why your lyrics are so long.’ But I’m learning to try to say less and also to have moments of just music so that the listener can take a moment to reflect on all the things that I’ve said, but also to hear the layers of what’s actually happening.

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Jon Russell plays new The Head & The Heart songs live in studio!

Jon Russell talks about his Virginia heritage and how it helped shaped songs from the new album from The Head and the Heart Every Shade of Blue on the album’s release date, plus he performs three solo acoustic songs from the new album including the first performance of “Virginia (Wind in the Night)” in the Commonwealth and title track “Every Shade of Blue”.

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In Studio Session with Old Crow Medicine Show

Virginia natives Ketch Secor and Mason Via of Old Crow Medicine Show stop by the WNRN studios ahead of their performance at the Ting Pavilion in Charlottesville to perform two songs from new album Paint This Town, talk about their Virginia roots, and Ketch Secor talks about his involvement in the making of Ken Burns’ award-winning documentary Country Music.

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Birdtalker In Studio Session

Birdtalker joins WNRN’s Tad Abbey in studio to talk about their latest self-titled album, what animal they really wish they could talk to (turns out it’s not birds!) and play songs live from the new album (playlist: “Heavy” “Taking Control” “Old Sob Story”)

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In Studio Session with River Whyless

River Whyless stopped by the WNRN studios to perform three stripped down songs from new album Monoflora and talk about the elusiveness of great harmonies, songwriting as a band for the first time, and as a band that formed in college, what it was like to revisit high school days for for their “Promise Rings” music video, and more in our latest In Studio Session.

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Home Studio Session with Good Morning

The Melbourne-based duo, Good Morning joins WNRN’s Amber Hoback to talk about their new album, Barnyard. The duo discuss their early days in high school, touring, and founding a new music company together. Stream the full session for performances of their new single “Keep It”.

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Superchunk Home Studio Session

We’re bummed Superchunk won’t be performing in Richmond this weekend, BUT we’ve got your chance to hear the band play live and talk about new album Wild Loneliness (out now on Merge Records) in our latest Home Studio Session with host Desiré Moses.

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Watch Now: Soccer Mommy announces new album, debuts “Shotgun”

Stream our latest in studio session with Soccer Mommy to hear Sophie Allison talk about making 2020 album Color Theory and in this bonus online edition she reveals the name of new album Sometimes, Forever (coming June 24th on Loma Vista) and debuts song “Shotgun” from the new album. Watch the full session below or stream down to watch the band’s live take on “Shotgun”.

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