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Hiss Golden Messenger on World Cafe

Friday, August 20th at 6pm
M.C. Taylor of Hiss Golden Messenger spent the pandemic writing songs for his new album, Quietly Blowing It, in his small home studio. And while that studio was, in some ways, a sanctuary from what was going on in the world outside, he talks about missing those small interactions you might not always notice in everyday life during isolation. He also gets into what it was like to be nominated for a Grammy last year, and performs live, on the next World Cafe.

2021-08-30T13:21:07-04:00August 20th, 2021|

Encore: First Aid Kit on World Cafe

Thursday, August 19th at 6pm
Leonard Cohen was one of the greatest songwriters and performers of his generation. After his passing, Swedish duo First Aid Kit celebrated his work in a live theatrical performance called Who By Fire. It was just released as an album, and the band joins World Cafe’s Stephen Kallao to talk about Cohen’s legacy and they share live recordings from the show.

2021-08-13T11:53:58-04:00August 19th, 2021|

Brittney Spencer on World Cafe

Wednesday, August 18th at 6pm
Brittney Spencer is about to head out on tour opening up for Jason Isbell. Over the last year, she not only caught his attention, but also earned praise from his wife, Amanda Shires, and her Highwomen
Bandmate, Marren Morris. Brittney will talk about writing with the three of them, and making her country music dreams come true, on the next World Cafe.

2021-08-13T11:52:06-04:00August 18th, 2021|

John Morrison’s Culture Corner on World Cafe

Tuesday, August 17th at 6pm
Years before Outkast had a megahit with the song “Hey Ya,” they released their breakthrough album ATLiens. On a new edition of the Culture Corner on World Cafe, correspondent John Morrison explains how that set Atlanta on its course to become the epicenter of hip hop and why it represented such an artistic achievement for the duo.

2021-08-13T12:04:40-04:00August 17th, 2021|

Encore: The Flaming Lips on World Cafe

Monday, August 16th at 6pm
The Flaming Lips have been a band for almost four decades – and with the addition of their latest album, American Head, they’ve released 16 studio albums. Frontman Wayne Coyne talks about how his long career creating psychedelic music and live shows has allowed him to live his own version of the American Dream – next time on the World Cafe.

2021-08-13T11:51:01-04:00August 16th, 2021|

The Wallflowers on World Cafe

Friday, August 13th at 6pm
It’s been almost a decade since The Wallflowers put out an album, but now they have a new one called Exit Wounds. On the next World Cafe, lead singer Jakob Dylan talks about songwriting and the trouble he has feeling “finished” with a record. Plus, he looks back on the band’s breakthrough album Bringing Down the Horse and shares the advice he would have given to a younger version of himself.

2021-08-18T12:24:31-04:00August 13th, 2021|

Encore: The Mavericks on World Cafe

Thursday, August 12th at 6pm
The Mavericks are hitting the road in support of the album they released last year, their first entirely in Spanish. On the next World Cafe, singer Raul Malo and guitarist Eddie Perez talk about why they wanted to celebrate the diversity of Latin culture with this record right now. Plus, they share childhood memories around the songs they chose to cover and some very uplifting live performances.

2021-08-06T10:25:12-04:00August 12th, 2021|

Delgres on World Cafe

Wednesday, August 11th at 6pm
Delgres are from Paris but their music would fit in perfectly in New Orleans. Rollicking and bluesy, leader Pascal Danae (PAS-kal Dan-NAY) sings in creole, bringing forth the stories of his ancestors who fought the reinstitution of slavery on the French Caribbean island Guadalupe. Hear an inspiring set of music that you won’t be able to resist moving to on the next World Cafe.

2021-08-06T10:23:57-04:00August 11th, 2021|

Byron Gonzalez’s LatinX picks on World Cafe

Tuesday, August 10th at 6pm
MTV turns 40 this month and World Cafe’s Latin Roots Correspondent Byron Gonzalez takes the opportunity to talk about just how much music videos have helped shaped his love of music. He looks back on how MTV influenced him as a teen and shares two newer songs that he thinks were really elevated by their music videos.

2021-08-06T10:20:34-04:00August 10th, 2021|

Encore: Tom Jones on World Cafe

Monday, August 9th at 6pm
Tom Jones does not cover songs on his latest album Surrounded by Time—he entirely reimagines them. On the next World Cafe, the 80 year old singer talks about how he picked the material for the new record and what he does to keep his voice in top shape now. Plus he looks back on some earlier days, like what his mother said after his first hit record and what he learned by listening to Bob Dylan.

2021-08-06T10:20:55-04:00August 9th, 2021|