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WNRN Presents Miller Circle Mixtape Dec. 12th!

Join us for Miller Circle Mixtape streaming live on our Facebook and YouTube pages on December 12 at 7 PM ET. This virtual concert will celebrate the Harrisonburg, VA music scene and help the community heal after a tragic explosion earlier this year that destroyed multiple businesses including Hometown Music and Blue Sprocket Sound. The lineup is composed of artists who have recorded at Blue Sprocket Sound and includes The Dawn Drapes, Erin & The Wildfire, Grayling Skyy, Illiterate Light, The Judy Chops, Kendall Street Company, Madly Backwards, and Prince Bellerose.

GoFundMe Links For Affected Businesses

We’ve included fundraising links here for the local businesses impacted by the October 17th explosion below. Click the link to contribute to the recovery efforts for these local Harrisonburg businesses.

Blue Sprocket Sound / Hometown Music
Naza Salon
Harrisonburg Halal Market

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Decade of Difference: Laura Veirs

Laura Veirs grew up with only a passing interest in music but as a college student in Minnesota her introduction to punk rock led her to join an all female band. Travel to China to pursue her academic interests in geology and mandarin Chinese left her with time alone, where she often wrote songs.

After college she landed in Seattle and participated in open mic nights, where she connected with producer Tucker martine, who would become a long time collaborator and eventually her husband. Two independently released albums won critical acclaim in the Pacific Northwest and ultimately got Veirs a recording contract which produced “Carbon Glacier”, her first national release.

Veirs was dropped by her label after two records, but she continued with her own label to release several highly regarded albums. Along the way she and Martine married and had two children, leading Veirs to release a children’s album, which won a Parents Choice Award.

Laura Veirs and Tucker Martine recorded the latest Veirs album “My Echo” in 2018 while the couple was struggling with marital problems which ultimately led to a divorce. The 20 year relationship ended with a divorce settlement, awarding Martine rights to the new album and Veirs the house and custody of their children.

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Vote for Your Top 10 Albums of 2020!

In a year like no other, artists have responded with incredible album releases in 2020, from long awaited reunions to surprise quarantine releases and one-off collaborations. All year long we have strived to share with you new releases from all over the globe and to connect you with artists directly through our Home Studio Sessions. Now we’re asking for your help!

We want to hear your Top 10 Albums of 2020! Fill out the form below (fields marked * are required for entry) using the drop-down menu to make your selections. We’ll tally the votes and compile our annual Top 100 Albums of the Year and count down the results starting at 8am on Thursday December 31st! Make your list, check it twice and submit it here and you’ll automatically be entered to win our Top 25 albums of the Year on vinyl along with a turntable!

Vote for Your Top 10 Albums of 2020