Comments from WNRN Listeners

Best radio station in Charlottesville by far. It’s so good I even stream it when I’m out of town on my phone and computer. Thanks for your great taste in music!
Joel K., Chatham, VA
Great programming, community connections, and Independent Radio forever!
Brad S., Charlottesville, VA
Best station ever! It’s that simple. (I have pledged regularly since spring of 2004 and even listened/pledged when I lived in North Carolina for a few years, though we’re back in Cville now.)
Seamane F., Charlottesville, VA
I love the Grateful Dead and Phriends show the most. You guys should podcast their episodes. World Cafe has introduced me to so many great new artists. And I’ve only been listening for 2 months!
Caleb F.
I love the mix of new and older music!! I moved to Harrisonburg a year ago from Maryland and there is nothing like WNRN there. I listen to it daily. It’s amazing to me that this station can bring so much musical joy to me!
Karen S., Harrisonburg, VA
We listen everyday, and we have found many new favorite bands through WNRN.
Patrick and Allison B., Fishersville, VA
We love WNRN’s commitment to local music. And we especially love Steve Hamilton’s Fresh Roots New Blues. Keep up the great work guys!
Holly D.
No other station around plays The Dead, Panic, Phish and supports local functions such as Lockn’ & area beer festivals. You guys do great things, and I’m doing my part to keep you around.
Sophie S., Forest, VA
I really enjoy the variety and the passion that the DJs have.
Anonymous, Charlottesville, VA
Best radio station in Richmond!
Kevin G., Richmond, VA
Great tunes! Love the online stream while I am working.
Jason B., Richmond, VA
The broad array of music is amazing and WNRN has become my “go to” for music throughout the day!
Pat Y., Roanoke, VA
I enjoy listening at all hours of the day, and being introduced to good new music.
Saphira B., Charlottesville, VA
Because you guys have played the theme music of my life for the past 5 years here in L’burg + Jess gave my band Glass Oaks a shot and played us on your station and that has been such an inspiration to me ever since :) Love you guys!
Joel K., Lynchburg, VA
WNRN has introduced me to many of my favorite artists.
Kate S., Richmond, VA
WNRN is the only station where we can hear the artists and music we love. And of course Grateful Dead and Phriends on Saturday mornings!
Andy H., Richmond, VA
So many programs I like, such as Bluegrass Sunday Morning, Putamayo World Music, and Anne Williams in the morning.
Terence F., Charlottesville, VA
Incredible music without all the commercials!
Tom C., Charlottesville, VA
I love them and love the music! The programming is awesome. Shout out to the Grateful Dead show.
Julia H., Port Republic, VA
WNRN is the first station on my dial and the only station that offers that ‘just right’ blend of artists I love and new music discoveries. Music news and local sponsors are also reasons I enjoy listening to NRN and have been a faithful listener for the past 13 years.
Nathan F., Charlottesville, VA
We really enjoy ALL the programs, especially Grateful Dead and Fresh Roots, New Blues
Lorna G., Charlottesville, VA
Keep playing Grateful Dead and I will keep listening!
Randy G., Richmond, VA
Why do I listen? Acoustic Sunrise, Grateful Dead (Saturdays), and Bluegrass (Sundays).
Steven R., Charlottesville, VA
Why do I listen? Really? Among the short list: Anne, Rusty, Marc & Edmund. Also, big fan of World Cafe for 20 years.
Tommy G.
Loves Anne Williams! Such a great radio station, with no ads!
Lindsay L., Charlottesville, VA
Great programming, love to hear new artists, local radio non-syndicated, I can switch channels in Richmond and continue listening, and so much more. Best radio station I have heard in years!!! Love this station.
David B., Columbia, VA
Everyday listener for 10 years, no matter where I move.
Cat D., Washington, DC
I love listening to Acoustic Sunrise and have been introduced to so many songs that ended up being my favorites.
Manuela C., Chesterfield, VA
Great people; great music.
Adam P., Washington, DC
I like the programming and variety.
Michael H., Charlottesville, VA
Best damn station on the air!! Love all the new music you all have turned me on to as well as old favorites!
Jessica C., Fishersville, VA
Best music radio station I’ve ever heard. Love the range of new music, the local commitment, and of course the giveaways! Thanks for keeping the spirit of good radio alive and for giving back to nonprofits with the community connection.
Laura A., Fredericksburg, VA
It’s more than a radio station – it’s our morning ritual; highly respect the music choices made by Anne Williams. Thanks for bringing in World Cafe – now we stay tuned to WNRN morning and evening. Awesome station!
Catherine L., Manakin Sabot, VA
Our family loves WNRN and we have found so much new music through the radio station. Listening in is a great way to get through the morning commute. You guys are awesome, thank you for all the hard work you do.
Joshua T., Richmond, VA
Thanks for doing what you’re doing!!!
Staige D., Charlottesville, VA
This is my go to station for discovering new artists and I love the DJs’ enthusiasm and can tell they love their jobs!
Tracy L., Richmond, VA
Great radio, great public service.
Duncan C., Keswick, VA
I listen to WNRN because I love the music.
Graham S., Palmrya, Virginia
Best radio station in the country.
Cristiane W., Atlanta, GA
Y’all make my mornings better.
Dana C., Richmond, VA
Why do I listen? Community! And I learn about new artists primarily from WNRN.
Jim G., Ruckersville, VA
They’re a great organization that fuels the music community of Virginia!
Alan S., Harrisonburg, VA
Heard WNRN when visiting Lake Monticello and been listening online ever since.
Sean S., Rockville, MD
They are a fantastic resource to the area and they truly, deeply care about the musicians in our community.
Maria P., Afton, VA
Love your music, stream it when I work out in the mornings and around my home.
Anonymous, New Albany, OH
A looong time lover of WNRN, and always will be. Can’t live without it! Big Tad Abbey fan. ;-) (no, I didn’t make that up, Tad)
Stefi C., Richmond, VA
It is the best station! Love the music. I only listen to WNRN.
Jeannie G., Harrisonburg, VA
Long time listener, WNRN is a community treasure!
Diane S., Charlottesville, VA
The world needs more indpendent music stations!!
Shannon S., Henrico, VA
You are the best In Virginia! Love you guys!
Anonymous, Henrico, VA
The music played is incredible, always listening! Always finding new music that I love!
Donna M., Forest, VA
I love WNRN, first heard Kings of Leon a few years ago & was hooked after that, used to listen on the way to JMU.
Katy M., Glen Allen, VA
I was introduced to WNRN by my girlfriend, just as we first started dating. You could say we fell in love to many of the songs played on this station. She’s currently serving overseas but we can still listen to the online stream together. Thanks WNRN!
Ben P., Milton, FL
We rock to WNRN everyday & are happy to support!
Regina A., Washington, DC
I’ve lived here almost 20 years, a couple months ago finally started listening, and now listens all the time! Loves the bouncy mix.
Cathryn M., Charlottesville, VA
I appreciate the music and the DJs – best station on the air in Virginia.
Jim E., Penn Laird, VA

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