Executive Staff 

Mark Keefe: General Manager and Program Director

Ian Solla-Yates: Development Director

Contact: info@wnrn.org


WNRN Audited Financial Statement

WNRN Financial Statement for the fiscal year July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019 can be found here.


EEO Reports Public File Reports

EEO June 1st, 2019-May 31st, 2020

EEO June 1st, 2018-May 31st, 2019

EEO June 1st, 2017-May 31st, 2018

EEO June 1st, 2016-May 31st, 2017

EEO June 1st, 2015-May 31st, 2016

EEO June 1st, 2014-May 31st, 2015

EEO June 1st, 2013-May 31st, 2014

EEO June 1st, 2012-May 31st, 2013

EEO June 1st, 2011-May 31st, 2012

EEO June 1st, 2010-May 31st, 2011




CPB AFR Schedule A Report FY 2018 

CPB AFR Schedule E Report FY 2018 

CPB AFR Schedule F Report FY 2018 

CPB Local Activities Report – FY 2018





To obtain copies of CPB AFR & FSR annual reports, please contact, info@wnrn.org