After years of planning and months of difficult and at times frustrating work, WNRN is pleased to announce the addition of 88.5FM to our Richmond coverage area. The antenna is located in Midlothian behind the studios of WCVE (locals refer to the two towers as “the knife and the fork”) and its broadcast on 88.5FM replaces most of the coverage of where 103.1 used to be. We are still on 103.1 in Richmond, but that signal now broadcasts from North Hopkins Road, just south of downtown. We are not finished with the project yet. Read on for the full story.

In order to get a clearer and larger signal to Richmond, we arranged to buy an AM station, WFTH 1590, that would allow us to send our signal via satellite to 103.1FM after we moved it closer to the coverage area of WFTH. We did so over the summer and have just completed the purchase. We also purchased another translator and made some other technical and administrative changes. Today, you can hear WNRN on 88.5FM (Midlothian and the West End), 103.1FM (downtown Richmond and points south and east) and 1590 AM (all over the Richmond metropolitan area, but only during daylight hours). We also purchased a satellite system that now delivers our originating signal from Charlottesville clearer than ever before. All of this has tripled our coverage in the last six months on the two FM signals. Further adjustments will be made and we hope to have more good news for you in the coming months.

We are sorry that some of you have been frustrated by losing the signal you once had. Conditions have changed throughout this process almost on a daily basis making it difficult to communicate a definitive message to all of you. Now, most of you should be able to hear us in places you never could, and that should improve even more. Please contact us and let us know if you have the signal back or are still having problems. Please make sure to include your address.

Thanks for reading this rather long explanation. Before I conclude, we are also happy to tell you that you will in the very near future be hearing Hear Together features specific to Richmond and you can expect to see us around town, having live sessions and generally becoming a platform to showcase the good music and good people of your, I mean, OUR, neighborhoods in RVA.

Thanks for your patience, your support and your great ears. We will keep working hard to earn them every day.

Stay tuned,

Mark Keefe

P.S. We have been good financial stewards throughout this process, but as you can imagine, expenses have been large. As we approach the end of the year in this season of giving, please consider an additional contribution.