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Thank you for supporting WNRN. You can become an Evergreen Member here or start a one year membership here. If you’re selecting a CD or logo item, specify your requirements on page 3. We will notify you if there are any problems. You can find more information on Evergreen Membership here. Thank you!

If you are becoming an Evergreen Member, click “Create a Payment Plan” on page 2 to receive your benefits and thank you gifts without delay and make your membership continuous.

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For an annual membership, you may split your donation up over 12 months or pay in one lump sum. You can set up your payment plan on page two.

To get your copy of In Studio at WNRN Volume Two, give at least a $10 monthly gift as an Evergreen Member or a $120 gift as a one year member and select “In Studio at WNRN Volume Two” on page three of your check-out process.

With your monthly gift to WNRN, in addition to your logo item or CD, you are eligible for membership benefits.

$5/mo ($60 annually) – VIP Membership – access to our VIP list, the chance to win prizes every week and invitations to members only events.
$10/mo ($120 annually) – Card-Carrying Membership – add a WNRN Member Card with over 200 2-for-1 dining offers at restaurants all over Virginia, plus offers at museums, wineries and theaters.
$20/mo ($240 annually) – High Quality Membership – access to our 128kbps internet stream.
$50/mo ($600 annually) – Sponsor’s Club – Two automatic invitations to every WNRN Member event.
$100/mo ($1200 annually) – Producer’s Club – Thank you in liner notes of WNRN’s benefit CD and everything above.

Membership benefits are cumulative. Evergreen members receive these for duration of membership. All levels receive a WNRN sticker.

We need 1,200 new members to join our 820 Evergreen Members to hit our budget for 2014.

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