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Friday, December 15th: Carbon Leaf

Archived In-Studios

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Steve Earle, “Copperhead Road”

Grammy Award winner Steve Earle stopped by WNRN for a career-spanning in-studio session. Watch the alt-country statesman perform his classic “Copperhead Road” below and visit WNRN’s YouTube page to see videos from the rest of the session, including “Lookin’ For a Woman” from Steve Earle & the Dukes’ new album So You Wanna Be An Outlaw.



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Sammi Lanzetta, “Circles”

Richmond-based artist Sammi Lanzetta joined WNRN at In Your Ear Studios to discuss her debut, For Avery EP, and perform a live set. Watch Lanzetta and her band play “Circles” below and head to WNRN’s YouTube page to find videos from the rest of the session.

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Waxahatchee, “Silver”

Katie Crutchfield joined WNRN live at In Your Ear Studios in Richmond to play selections from the new Waxahatchee album, Out in the Storm, and talk with WNRN’s Melissa Goode about songwriting, life on the road and her Alabama roots. Watch Crutchfield’s rare solo acoustic performance of “Silver” below and check out videos from the rest of the session, including “Sparks Fly” and “A Little More” on WNRN’s YouTube page.


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Chamomile & Whiskey, “Solomon’s Reel”

Chamomile & Whiskey stopped by WNRN ahead of their album release show for their latest project, Sweet Afton. Watch “Solomon’s Reel” below and check out videos from the rest of the session, including live versions of “Nelson County” and “Good As It Could Be” on WNRN’s YouTube page.


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RB Morris, “That’s How Every Empire Falls”

In addition to being an accomplished songwriter, RB Morris is a prolific poet and playwright. Morris stopped by WNRN to perform a career-spanning set and discuss his approach to storytelling across different creative platforms. Below, Morris plays “That’s How Every Empire Falls” from his 2012 album Spies, Lies & Burning Eyes, which has been notoriously covered by the likes of John Prine and Marianne Faithfull. Visit WNRN’s YouTube page to see videos from the rest of Morris’ session, including “Old Copper Penny” and a brand new, unreleased song, “Dreaming While I Drive.”

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Scott Miller, “Mother-in-Law”

Scott Miller joined WNRN live in studio on Halloween for a Spooktacular! He cued up some of his favorite tunes as guest DJ, and treated an audience of WNRN members to performances from his new album, Ladies Auxiliary. Listen to Miller’s DJ picks in the Spotify playlist below and watch him play “Mother-in-Law” live in studio. Head to WNRN’s YouTube page to see videos from the rest of the session, including “Lo Siento, Spanishburg, WVA,” and a new, unreleased track, “It’ll Never Be That River Again.”

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