It was on a return visit to Paris when Rupa Valdez discovered how different the experience could be when traveling with a disability. Having been to the city during her college years, she hadn’t given much thought to wheelchair access, or specifically the fact that many of the bathrooms in the restaurants were housed in the basement. When she decided to go back again with her husband years later, she realized how much it would have helped to know where to go that would have access ahead of time. So began her path to starting the Blue Trunk Foundation. Along with her friend Claire, she began to work out a way to crowdsource that information, not just for people with mobility issues, but disabilities of all kinds.

Listen as we talk with Rupa about the mission of the non-profit and the way she saw firsthand what a difference the information she wants to share can make:

To find out more about the Blue Trunk Foundation you can check out their Facebook page or you can email

They plan to launch their website at the end of 2017.