When we walked in the front doors of the yellow house on 4th Street in Charlottesville with the sign “On Our Own” we found a group of men and women sitting on couches and chairs in a big circle. They were sharing stories about what they were struggling with at the moment. The others in the group listened, cheering on this one that took a new job, encouraging another’s decision to leave a bad relationship, listening to fears of moving to a new town. We had walked in on the daily peer-to-peer group meeting, free to anyone. For this “Hear Together” profile series we visit On Our Own and explore the concept of peer-to-peer recovery.

Listen to On Our Own Executive Director Erin Tucker talk about why their peer-to-peer counseling works for their members:


Listen to On Our Own member “Rojo” talk about the ways the program has helped his recovery:


Listen to On Our Own member Eddie discuss why peer-to-peer counseling has been more effective for him than other methods of treatment:


For more information about On Our Own, and to find ways you can help click here.


On Our Own