Below are the gifts available to you when you make a donation here.

All donation levels are cumulative.


$60 or $5 a month:

Screenprinted men’s t-shirt or ladies t-shirt




$120 or $10 a month

In Studio at WNRN Volume 3 or a baseball cap


$180 or $15 a month

20th anniversary pint glass

pint glass


$240 or $20 a month

WNRN embroidered festival blanket (fleece and nylon)

$420 or $35 a Month

All the things! WNRN Logo umbrella, festival blanket, pint glass,  In Studio at WNRN Volume 3, men’s t-shirt, AND ladies t-shirt


$600 or $50 a month

CD of the Month Club: Electric or Acoustic and your choice of gift. You can view past CD of the Month picks here.

$1200 or $100 a month

Both CD of the Month Club membership and your choice of thank you gift.