Fitz And The Tantrums lead singer Fitz says the band wanted their latest CD Pickin’ Up The Pieces to be reminiscent of the Motown-era records he loved growing up. He admits the group’s limited budget created an obstacle, but the band wasn’t discouraged. He explains, quote, “When we started making this record we didn’t have any money, so we were forced to do it in my living room. And it was like, if we can capture just a little bit of what those records sounded like, we’ll have succeeded.” Fitz adds that the acoustics of his living room weren’t exactly ideal for recording sessions, but he notes they decided to make it an asset instead of a liability. He explains, quote, “Rather than trying to fight that with putting up blankets, we decided to let this room be another person in this record and it really created the sound of the record.” Fitz And The Tantrums’ Pickin’ Up The Pieces is out now.